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Digital Transformation

To stay on top of the competition, businesses are now digitally transforming and integrating technology to their operations. It is, therefore, crucial to craft a digital strategy which is harmonious for all those who are connected. Digital Transformation is a blissful modification which offers benefits for both, the company, and their work force. The outcome of effective digital transformation can be measured by the massive improvement in service excellence and customer satisfaction.

Has your company upgraded to the next level? Now is the time to think about a technological revamp!

Our Vision

Premier Systems has the best solutions, enough capacity, and the expertise to deliver its services that will help you come at par with the leading global infrastructure and operations trends.

Optimal Infrastructure: We help you understand and make infrastructure choices that suit your business needs, resulting in utmost productivity.

Anywhere Operations: We ensure that our solutions enable remote operations, and that location is no longer a hindrance in your work efficiency.

Organizational Continuity: We facilitate you in attaining organizational continuity by smoothly transitioning into automation and minimal touch maintenance.

Core Modernization: Our team of experts help you identify areas where modernizations will have the greatest impact, and then provide you tools to achieve core modernization.


Premier Systems: Your Hub To Digital Transformation

Application Modernization

At Premier Systems, we maintain strong relationships with our partners to efficiently facilitate
containerization of your business applications. Businesses can now create and deploy applications at a way faster and secure rate. Unified application container platforms, using microservices, are built on open-source Kubernetes and designed for both, cloud-native and noncloud native applications. Regardless of whether your applications are running on public or private cloud systems, we assist in accelerating your journey to hybrid cloud with the industry’s first enterprise grade software container platform.

Microservices is an architectural approach that is cloud native. It is based on the concept of many independently deployable and loosely coupled services composing a single application. These services usually are organized based on business capability; consist of their own technology load; and communicate with one and other. Premier Systems helps you use this approach to fast-track your transitioning into your desired operational model.

Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

Its time to think beyond the storage and SAN silos of yesterday! If you are looking for or are implementing end-to-end digitization, consider opting for our Software-Defined Storage solutions. The digital transformation journey can be complex, but one thing that stays constant is that it they generates tons and tons of data. The modern SDS solutions string together existing storage capacities so that your apps can share these capacities across different servers, as if they are all directly connected to the app servers.

At Premier Systems, we assist you in managing, securing, and using the abundance of data within an affordable cost. Each of the management software solutions that we offer contains clear and actionable information that your IT teams will find priceless in terms of control and operational ease.

Cloud and Multi-Cloud

Whether you are new to cloud management or looking out for more than a single cloud solution, Premier Systems is dedicated towards helping you transition towards Cloud Based IT Infrastructures which are powered by the most renowned global Cloud Service Providers.

If you are embarking on a cloud management journey, our mitigation and deployment roadmap is designed to help you transition effectively – while keeping your security, scalability, business continuation, and agility as our top priority.

In case you are intending to deploy and manage applications & data in multiple IT environments, we work closely together with you to develop a versatile strategy; and create public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructures, catering to your individual needs.

Our expert engineers, combined with our strong partnerships and knowledge-based relationships, are motivated to deliver a suite of managed services that permit complete and thorough visibility across an organization’s entire cloud estate.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

With the gradual integration of technology in all areas of lives, we have witnessed a radically increased demand of solutions that have a zero-down time. The service providers, therefore, have faced the pressure to be available and functioning at all times. At Premier Systems, we equip you with the Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions to help you achieve up to 65% space saving for equivalent workloads.

Why We Recommend HCI Solutions ?

Help in leveraging an agile and scalable platform that increases employee efficiency
• To limit operational risk and eliminating unplanned downtime that results in significant revenue losses
• Assist in increasing the efficiency of IT staff and reducing time spent on maintenance, upgrades, and support
• They drive down hardware and software costs by improving infrastructure effectiveness and reducing licensing needs


How Can We Help ?

Consolidated Workload
We assist you to use the HCI solution in the best manner. An HCI solution can consolidate workloads into fewer or a single silo by abstracting underlying resources and dynamically allocating them to applications running in virtual machines. This increases server utilization, even over existing virtualization, in which the workload does not necessarily utilize all the resources available to its virtual machine.

Remote Management

Our team of specialists helps you implement the HCI features that enable remote management. HCI relies on commodity hardware, unified by an overarching layer of software, that works across on-premises environments; and, private, public, and hybrid cloud systems. A single, non-native user interface can automate, track, and manage tasks across all these systems. It pulls the staff away from the complexities of native storage, computing platforms & services, and allows them to focus on functional operations.


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Making Smooth & Secure Workflow a Norm

As remote work becomes more common than ever, Enterprise Mobility Management is the way forward to assist the users stay connected to corporate resources with ease. Did you know that EMM solutions can also save companies serious capital expenditure costs? Enabling a safe and secure system for a mobile workforce, you can now move towards a more strategic procurement – for instance, by effectively cutting down on the in office hardware device procurement!

Why you need an EMM Solution?

• Endpoint Security for Mobile Devices
• Mobile Content Management
• Reduced Technology Overhead
• Data Loss Mitigation & Prevention
• Simplified Device Configuration & Management


Premier Systems’ EMM Solution
We offer a trailblazing EMM solution which is designed to help you ensure secure and seamless remote working for your workforce. Applicable on a variety of user devices, the EMM solution can be applied on Windows, Android, and iOS without any complications. Once activated, all devices can be authenticated, remotely monitored, and wiped whenever required. With a strong MFA or 2FA implementation, you can be confident about the authenticated use of the device and thus the corporate data. Devices can be prohibited from using risky or outright dangerous applications to ensure further security of both the user as well as the corporate data.


Cyber Security Solutions

Providing Sophisticated Defense to Your IT Systems

Threats and risks are a part of the business cycle. They cannot be avoided but a better IT security can be achieved by simple measures rather than investing heavily on equipment and people. Our IT security solutions are the perfect set of protocols to help you fight these ever-rising security concerns. The security solutions offered by Premier Systems are not standalone devices. They are part of a larger, global network of other systems that collectively monitor and respond to global security threats and block the malicious codes and actors in their tracks.


Our Priorities

Stateful & Intent Aware Firewalls: At Premier Systems, we focus on solutions that make intense
use of custom silicon chips to run security checks directly on the chips, thereby attaining high throughput according to the latest security protocols. These also make the Next Generation Firewall management easy by intuitive GUI interfaces.

Intelligent Logical Center: The road towards highly secured network starts from the logical center.
We advise you solutions with Core IP and switching networks, which are secured with next generation firewalls (NGFW). NGFW solutions from Premier Systems are nothing like the firewall solutions of the 2000s. They have full visibility across the seven OSI layers.

High Level Security:

In the solutions that we offer, layers of security are formed at the branch
level, end-point level and global network level. Branches are secured by edge devices that authorize and encrypt every single bit that enters or leaves the branch network. VPN concentrators and VPN clients ensure that only authorized users can access the network. DNS level filtering ensures that bad actors are detected globally and are killed at the DNS level alone.

Our Offerings

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Given the increasing competition, the pressure on the IT infrastructure continues to grow every day. Under such circumstances, the Secured Access Service Edge (SASE) emerges as a modern network architecture solution. Not only does SASE combine security and networking functions in the cloud, but also facilitates the cloud deliver secure and seamless access to application regardless of where the users work.

Secured Access Service Edge includes core functions such as Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), zero-trust network access, firewall, web gateway, and cloud access security broker. At Premier Systems, we assist you in unlocking your business’s potential using the SASE model by offering a flexible and credible transitioning to cloud at an effective pace.

SASE can help you:

• Ensure seamless connection at any location
• Integrate cloud service with multiple protection functions
• Increase control and security with a multifunction cloud security service
• Convergence of networking and security to meet numerous multi-cloud demands at once

AI-driven Operations & Support

Artificial Intelligence (AI) simplifies operations across wired & wireless access, and optimizes the user experiences, by using a combination of data science techniques, and machine learning. The AI generates an end-to-end insight of user experiences by gathering data from multiple sources including switches, access points, and firewalls. AI, in sync with other devices, can optimize user experience from client to cloud. This includes root cause identification, network assurance, automated event correlation, proactive anomaly, and self-driving network operations, etc.

At Premier Systems, we prefer AI because :

• Has a faster problem resolution
• Requires fewer onsite visitsHas a faster problem resolution
• Is extremely cost effective & timesaving
• Provides extensive insight and guidance
• Is measurable, predictable, and reliable

Endpoint Security Solutions
End-point security software continuously protects and monitors PCs, laptops, and phones of the staff to make sure that despite being remote, corporate information is secure. Evolving from a simple anti-virus software being centrally installed on users’ PCs and notebooks, Endpoint Security has now augmented into unsafe usage detection and security policy implementation.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Solutions
The latest EDR solutions by Premier Systems are the final step of adding automatic and policy driven responses to threat detection. When a threat is detected or an abnormal activity is picked up by the EDR agents on the user’s computer, predefined policy-based responses can be automatically activated. These can cut the computer off from the network, lock out users and report details to the central system thus preventing the lateral spread of the threat inside the corporate network.

DDoS Protection Solutions
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) are often perceived to be large but very rare attacks that don’t necessarily pose a serious threat to organizations. In reality, however, DDoS attacks are short, small, and occur frequently. This means that in the absence of DDoS protection, these attacks can impact business continuity.

At Premier Systems, we provide you leading DDoS solutions that can help prevent any attacks through:

• Automatic mitigation that enables your security teams to defend other threats
• Real-time response which detects and mitigates the attack within seconds
• Flexible and highly scalable deployment options
• Accurate and actionable intelligence on the activity of DDoS attacks


Datacenter & Energy Solutions

In recent times, the significance of a stable and affordable electrical power infrastructure cannot be overstated. When it comes to enterprise IT solutions, businesses must be hundred percent sure that their powe infrastructure is sustainable. Any shortcomings or structural problems in this area can undo a well-planned IT infrastructure that is dependent on it. Hence, the power layer of any setup should be planned accurately and must be a reliable bedrock for today’s modern IT systems.


Our Offerings

Turnkey Data Center Solution

Premier Systems is now the preferred choice of the cross-industry customers for the turnkey Data Center Solution which has a design and facility certification. For one of our esteemed customers, we attained the issuance of Rated-III Compliant Certificate by EPI for the design of Data Center – which is one of our team’s remarkable achievements. Another feather in our cap is Premier Systems’ selection for the Power (DC and AC), cooling and advance DCIM Systems Integrator for Cable Landing Station and Data Center Project of the International Consortium Submarine.

At Premier Systems, we take pride in our certified team of solution consultants and specialists. Our expert service engineers can help you utilize the full potential of your products and support you through SLA contracts.

Electric Vehicle Charing Solution

With the highest number of DC Fast Chargers installation in Pakistan, Premier Systems is highly recognized in the country for its extremely capable Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions. We have a variety of offerings based on your needs – from vehicle charging for homes/offices to fast charging solution for parking lots and high-power charging for the fuel station & bus stands. We have also partnered with the world leaders of electrical power solution to provide the most reliable solutions for Electric Vehicle charging.

Other Offerings Include:

• UPS and Rectifiers for Mission Critical Applications
• Engineered DC Power Solutions of grids and substations
• Access Control, Fire Alarm Systems, & CCTV for the buildings, campuses and other


Building Management Systems

Laying Strong Foundations for Your Business

Premier Systems, along with its world-renowned partners, provide you a comprehensive portfolio of an integrated Building Management System (BMS). We support businesses by laying a strong foundation for technologically smart buildings that inspire occupant productivity, deliver optimal energy and operational efficiency

Why Premier Systems’ BMS Products Stand Out
• Economic benefits for the occupants of the building
• Optimal energy level savings
• Easy integration path with existing systems in place
• Require fewer and software that use multiple protocols


How We Accomplish This
We agglutinate BMS with IP and Wireless Powers: Premier BMS solutions aligns BMS with IP technology that allows the customers & users to benefit and get value from their investment. It delivers more control to them over their facilities by using advanced technology that they are currently missing in existing solutions.

Solutions on Demand: We create tailored solutions based on client’s specific needs. This covers maintenance provision, 24/7 support, building performance management and energy management domains for our valued customers. Having an IoT-based control allows you to optimize your output including energy usage patterns and anomalies. This in turn, enables you to identify problems and spot unnecessary usage of energy.

Our tailored BMS Control & Monitoring Services:

  • • Heating and Ventilation
  • • Plumbing & Mechanical
  • • Power Systems
  • • Lifts, Elevators etc.
  • • Lighting
  • • Sanitary Systems
  • • Fire Systems
  • • Building Services and Systems Integration
  • • IoT enabled platform with highly secured GUI interface.
  • • Automated layered products – Choose from the list
  • • Interactive “On the Go” Monitoring and Control.
  • • Energy and Facility Management module


A Win-Win Operational Attitude

Our knowledge base gives us cutting edge advantage in development and delivery of comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end solutions for projects around automation. We have the capability of executing any scale of the project.