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Network Infrastructure Convergence

Traditionally, IT deployments were considered off the track vis-a-vis a company’s core activities. This mindset has changed now and today even buying a computer has to do with increasing revenue. After all, a network convergence addresses business needs and issues.

As risk mitigation specialist Ashley Howden says quality consequences of a deployment are an offspring of Specifications, Design, Development, Testing and Production.

And, so Premier lets you have the benefits of network convergence in line with the modern trends and technologies after rigorous testing.

We command unshakable experience across UNIX, Linux, and all Microsoft Windows platforms and have the knowledge of what it takes to seamlessly integrate them.

We help service providers migrate costly legacy frame Relay, ATM and DXX infrastructure to converged IP/MPLS and offer enhanced IP services rather than only selling connectivity.

We also help you establish power-efficient and space-friendly centralized location loaded with computing resources and telecommunication essentials.

Our WiFi solutions include wide-area, high-speed wireless connectivity based on point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity for both enterprise and service provider segments.

Premier’s ERP and CRM application and network/system monitoring solutions ensure scalable communication.

Cloud Computing

Hybrid cloud is a buzzword in today’s digital world. Almost every systems integrator steps up efforts to streamline migration to public and private clouds and gears up to present its Microsoft Azure and Amazon services as much unique as possible.

For an end-user transition to a cloud is understandably like a catch-22. Let’s help you come out of this confusion.

Look for Five Ss While Migrating

  • Scalability
  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Self-Service Ease
  • Speed

Be it Software-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service, Premier engineers all the need-based automations around these five Ss.

Virtualization is not a new business model for us. We have been architecting network virtualization services based on VLANs, IPSec VPNs and MPLS VPN for many years.

Today, we are developing unified communications for server/desktop virtualisation and direct-attached storage in collaboration with the global cloud’s torchbearers, like Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and Openstack.

Storage Solutions

A company of any size or revenue needs to command a proper storage management system for an effective decision-making. Premier provides its customers with Virtual, Unified and Converged storage solutions with data protection, backups, and data recovery solutions.

Disaster Recovery

A wake-up call for a chief technology officer at a small, mid-sized or big organization is when s/he is informed that software replication drags its feet on business continuity after any data mishap.

Data is a strategic asset for a business or even for a non-commercial organization. Not just its loss, but delayed downtime has too serious implications for a smooth operation. It is, therefore, vital to keep recovery strategy up to date and in line with the exponential data growth.

You can bet on homegrown backup program, but history tells that such an in-house arrangement takes hours.

PwC’s case studies found that a better failover plan helped utilities to recover critical applications in up to six hours against at least 20-day recovery earlier.

Premier’s comprehensive backup and recovery program ensures restoration of large to minuscule details in an hour or so; and, we have a track record of this, going beyond a Service Level Agreement – that determines the failover attributes – to help our customers.

Preempting Loss Services

In today’s cyber world where your employees and you exchange plenty of data and information with your customers/clients, there is an increased likelihood of compromise on your confidentiality.

A survey discovered that cellular tower operators failed to combat cyber-attacks as they increasingly relied on attack signatures.

Premier has a professional team of network engineers who keep on tracking behavior of critical applications in a bid to launch preemptive actions.

Preempting Loss Services (PLS) covers the broad horizon of physical as well as virtual securities.

Mobile Works

Work on the go is a latest trend with employees passionately using their own devices to conduct jobs.

Ernst & Young’s cited estimates foresee 1.5 mobile devices for every human being living on this green and blue planet in the next three years.

While the bring-your-own-device program has its own merits yet it poses challenges to security infrastructure of an organisation. PLS defines permission structure to govern downloads on mobile gadgets, thwarts confidential data exposure to unauthorized network protocols and helps a company meet regulatory compliance.

Managed Services

This is the time for specialization and that means ‘Do What You Can Do Best’ and close ranks with others to get other things done. When an enterprise frees up its internal resources by focusing on its primary corporate role it is actually decreasing its operational cost and increasing its revenue.

Premier has a history of delivering outsourcing services from data centre support, server and workstation maintenance and infrastructure integration to information security, mobility, disaster recovery, results-driven computing and network operations.

When we become your MSP we leverage all our powerhouses from Microsoft to Oracle to optimize your data centre and infrastructure costs.


Maintenance backlog means piling up of, what Gartner’s analyst Andy Kyte has termed, IT debt.
The learned Kyte puts the Global IT Debt at a staggering One Trillion Dollars. His findings were based on readings of corporate results.

Premier provides multiple maintenance and upgrading services under various accords, including service level and operational level agreements and annual maintenance contract.

We provide a dedicated help desk with call logging system, project or time based service model with 24×7, 8x5x4 or 8x5xNDB support and complete O&M or break-fix offerings to make IT projects up and running.


Premier helps its customers nail down their exact requirements so that the project meets its objectives without losing capacity at any point of time.

IT gurus believe that a project suffers as it is burdened with too many solutions.

So, we are very particular about predetermining deliverables of each project, including custom development, technical training and recurrent support, while executing phase-wise implementation of a project.

We are on the front-end and an end-user has just to sit relaxed and supervise.

Industrial Power Solutions

The economy is largely built on reliable power supply. A challenge is to keep the supply system stable and keeping the environmental conditions in a defined range is also an important task. Fortunately, there is a rapid expansion of intermittent renewable energy sources.

Moreover, continuous and comprehensive monitoring and management of constantly changing and expanding facility and IT infrastructure is key to ensure uptime and safeguard uninterrupted operation 24/7.

The convergence between security and data networks is a natural progression of these complementary technologies.

Addressing the requirements of the customer, Premier is committed to provide the following efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions:

  • Data centre solutions, including Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • Uninterruptible power, power distribution and enclosure solutions that keep IT and Industrial systems running
  • Solar Power Solution
  • Intelligently engineered DC power, distribution, control and monitoring systems
  • Reliable industrial-grade UPS systems, battery chargers, inverters, and rectifiers for heavy-duty, industrial applications
  • Establishment of Power Distribution Network
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Motor and Drives
  • Industrial Automation
  • Building Management Systems